Friday, March 28, 2014

A Night Away, for a Gala!

Last weekend, Christian and I snuck away for about 24 hours.  We left 12 pages of notes for our intrepid friends/farmsitters and hoped for good weather.  The event?  The 11th Annual Minnesota Life College Gala, hosted in part by my wonderful brother Graham.  We couldn't have been more proud to be there for Graham, alongside our friends and family and all the friends and family of Minnesota Life College students.

We even came home with Garrison Keiler's A Prairie Home Companion/Lake Wobegon prize package, and a gorgeous pastel painting by local [to Michigan] artist Jill Wagner!  I'd say all in all it was a fantastic evening… and after the winter we've had, we're happy to get away, just not for too long.  We may never leave in the winter again, for any reason, after this year's Polar Vortex strandings and mishaps.

But look at all the fun we had!  We clean up pretty nicely, too.