Monday, August 07, 2006

Dunegrass and Blues

Northern Michigan. Music festival. Late, after 1 a.m., following the last band. People collect their things— blankets, coolers, sunglasses, friends— and start to head home or to the campground for the night. The field is lit only by chinese lanterns in every color, and the stage lights.

Girl 1: Hang on guys, let me pick up these water bottles to recycle.

Girl 2 smiles, looks at Guy 1. They begin to pick up bottles as well.

Stage right, Man picking up empty beer cans scattered everywhere, placing into large garbage bag.

Girl 1 picks up cans, takes to Man.

Man: Oh thank you. I'm gonna use these for gas money.

Girl 1: That's a great idea, a really great idea. Picks up a few more cans, returns and places them in garbage bag. It's so expensive these days. But the concert was worth it, don't you think?

Man: Yeah. I haven't done a whole lot this summer so I fig'red what the hell, I really wanted to come down for this, so here I am. It's just been tough, ya know, finding work this summer. These cans sure will help.

Girl 1 notices he is wearing rubber gardening gloves. Smiles.

Girl 2, Guy 1, Guy 2: [together, not quite in unison] Hey! Let's go, it's getting late!

Girl 1: I'm coming! Hey sorry, I guess I've got to go.

Man: So are you in college?

Girl 1: Yes, I'm going to State.

Man: Whatcha studying?

Girl 1: I haven't decided yet... I just don't know.

Man: Well that's a really great thing. Work hard and get smart, ok?

Girl 1: I will.

Man: Well thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. And thanks for... nice talking to you.

Girl 1 rejoins group, looks back to see Man stooped over picking up more cans.

Guy 2: So, have a nice talk?

End Scene.

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