Monday, October 09, 2006

Sometimes I wonder... is the world coming to be a more frightening place, or do we just understand a little better now than we did before?

Maybe the problem stems from our greater understanding of one another... strengths and weaknesses, fears, those little things that include us in a larger entity. As we grow more interconnected and dependent on one another, each economic hiccup could set the dominoes tumbling.

For such a small world, such a chaotic existence. I don't understand it all, though my studies in the sciences [social, economic, physical] are beginning to draw a rough sketch of potential reasons. Not justifications, but excuses I suppose. And really, what is existence anyway other than a vehicle to produce another generation? Once we're dead it doesn't matter how many houses we owned or what our cars cost, because everyone save for poor Ted Williams is returning to the earth after death.

A map of estimated "spam" email volume...

... and of light pollution at night.

We are so complicated.

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