Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poems by My Grandfather

I drafted this over a year ago and for some reason never posted it. I'd actually forgotten about it completely till now when I stumbled across it. I would have been four years old in 1991....

My aunt and grandmother have been cleaning house from top to bottom recently, and came across these poems written by my grandfather, a man of few words and big smiles.

Sept. '91

Kate came into
my bedroom to
wake me from a nap.

"Get up - You're a
sleepyhead couch potato"
she said
with a wonderful
smile in her eyes.


I looked at Jill today
and for some reason thought
"She's Rosie's daughter"
and it pleased me

and I played golf
with nice people
and enjoyed it

and no matter
what happens
in this world

What I enjoyed
on this day
in time and space

Can never be erased.

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Sheroz said...

very funny :D