Thursday, February 03, 2011

Your Questions

Writing is a lot like working out— the more you go the gym, the more you feel like going back again and again.  It can be a little painful and awkward at first but then you get into a rhythm and it becomes a release.

That said— do you, faithful and occasional readers alike, have any questions for me?  I spend a lot of time in my own head here and sometimes I think of things I'd like to write about but they are lost in the mix of daily routines and the unexpected.  Or I'll start on something and then realize [or tell myself] that it may be ridiculously boring or overly technical and not something anyone wants to hear about, let alone read about.

Let's hear them!  It's February, the worst month of the year, and I'm going to need something to keep me occupied when it's just above freezing and raining and I need time away from the mud.  Reply with a comment, send me a facebook message, email, whatever!  [You can be anonymous if you'd like.]

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meriem said...

who are you?