Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring is Coming!

Ready or not, here it comes.  With that 9 pm Sunday night call from the post office letting us know that our chicks were in, the 2014 HSF season was officially underway.  At least with daylight coming earlier and earlier as the days grow longer, we're not waking up in utter darkness any longer.  Those first hot rays of sunshine burning into the bedroom wall are a glorious change from even just one month ago.

Meanwhile, this is what my commute looked like, just yesterday.  Winter, just the sheer heavy-handedness of it, actually made me want to cry as I drove 20 mph with my hazards flashing towards the highway.  

There are days when it feels like winter is just NEVER. GOING. TO. END.

Maybe I just enjoy pain but I also kind of love that about real winters.  This one has gotten to be so terrible that thoughts of green grass and things growing again make me incredibly happy… I think about it the whole time I'm out doing chores each morning and night.  Every day of miserable chores is getting us one day closer to spring and a new year of things growing.  Praise Cheesus!

I don't know that I've ever looked forward to spring as much as I am this year.  It's a whole new feeling, kind of difficult to explain… it's as if people who haven't been through it with animals on the ground and seeds in the basement can't possibly understand how it feels to be so close to Spring.

In any case, it sounds like spring in the house, even while snow flies outside.  ONE MORE MONTH!!

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