Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Country Wedding

No, not mine.

We've been preparing for a wedding at the farm for over a month now. The celebration took place yesterday and it was deeply satisfying to see everyone enjoy themselves, the food, and the simple beauty of the, and a, farm. One of our roosters, whom we call Handsome, even invited himself over and hung out behind the bar for a while.

My favorite part may have been the father of the groom breaking down into tears and exclaiming, "this is the proudest day of my life!" to a tearful audience... But it may also have been the many gracious guests who thanked us for the work we did. Or perhaps the guests who were excited about their first trip to a farm and had questions about the animals, or just took a walk through the vineyard and hops to explore. It's tough to pick a favorite because, after all the work and thought and sweat you put into an event like this, having everything go smoothly (while looking gooooood) is incredibly gratifying.

After 14 hours yesterday, I headed home exhausted but exhilarated. As George put it so well, if you plow and the smell of the fresh earth doesn't speak to you, well, farming isn't for you.

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