Sunday, July 08, 2012

Rain at last!

A few days ago, someone told me the Boulder-area had gotten 3/4 of an inch of rain so far in July, which was more than we'd received in all of June.

It's been brutally hot the last few weeks-- animals, plants and people all suffer when previously-established [and long-standing] record streaks of triple-digit temperatures are broken. The heat coupled by a lack of rain has resulted in runaway wildfires all across the state and the region. Apparently, however, there's an upside this year; the weather patterns, coupled with all the haze and smoke that has been haunting us, were favorable to result in "monsoon" rains, to use the technical term I heard a weatherman use on the radio.

It rained today, starting in the afternoon and stretching languidly into evening. A cool grey sky, loop-de-loop clouds and a humid breeze begat a soaking rain. Goats, horses and dogs suddenly feel fresh and playful once more. Even the parched grass is starting to look feisty and green. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and drink this newness in.

I asked Christian today, is it strange that I'm excited to do chores in the rain? My skin and soul have been thirsty too. No, he replied, not strange at all.


Jessilee's Corner said...

I'm glad you finally got some rain. I live out West in California, where it's been hot. This week it's going to be up to 106 degrees, so, yeah I wish it would rain here also.

The Critical Mom said...

I love the photos on this site! Gorgeous colors, gorgeous images. All the best
The critical mom

Skypie said...

here in sc its still hot craziness !!